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  • Community College Innovation Challenge - 18.10.2017

    Many real world problems can be solved with STEM-based solutions. NSF invites teams of community college students to identify key problems and propose innovative solutions in this national contest. More at https://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/communitycollege/?WT.mc_id=USNSF_51 This is an NSF News item.
  • LIGO and Virgo make first detection of gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars - 17.10.2017

    Watch the archive video of the press conference at https://youtu.be/AFxLA3RGjnc . For the first time, scientists have directly detected gravitational waves -- ripples in space-time -- in addition to light from the spectacular collision of two neutron stars. This marks the first time that a cosmic event has been observed in both gravitational waves and light. The discovery was made using the U.S.-based Laser ... More at https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=243382&WT.mc_id=USNSF_51&WT.mc_ev=click This is an NSF News item.
  • LIGO: Einstein Was Right - 16.10.2017

    A century ago, Albert Einstein predicted gravitational waves -- ripples in the fabric of space-time that result from the universe's most violent phenomena. A hundred years later, NSF-funded researchers using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) have detected gravitational waves. More at https://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/ligoevent/?WT.mc_id=USNSF_51 This is an NSF News item.

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